Avanti Health Care Services was founded in New York State in 1993 and has evolved from a single retail pharmacy in Manhattan, to a major provider of comprehensive ancillary health care services in the greater New York Region.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

The agency is accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization and licensed by the New York State Department of Health to provide nursing services, infusion and long term care pharmacy, nutrition, medical supplies and equipment.

Since our inception Avanti has experienced significant growth. The company has remained responsive to the demands of an ever-changing health care environment. Acknowledging the challenges facing the health care industry today, specifically as it relates to reduced reimbursement, increased client expectations etc., the agency is determined to maintain the level of services and care, that is consistent with the expectations of our health care consumers.

The company has been successful in securing and maintaining contracts with major Managed Care Organizations, over thirty public and private Hospitals, (SNF’s) Skilled Nursing Facilities, (CHHA’s) Certified Home Health Agencies, and Hospices. As a result Avanti Health Care Services is able to provide unrivaled services to a broad spectrum of health care clients.

The company has engaged the service of men and women who are credentialed in their area of expertise. Pharmacists, Registered Professional Nurses (with certification in specialty areas such as, oncology, pediatric, PICC/Midline Placement etc.,) Licensed Practical Nurses, Dieticians/Nutritionist & Reimbursement Specialists, are among the professionals on staff. The company is proud of its history of steady progress, diversification and innovation. It is especially proud of the relationship that has been established with our clients and the accomplishments achieved together. In anticipation of our future growth we have installed a state of the art computer system, which has expanded our capabilities to provide in-depth analysis of clinical data and streamline patient management.

 Accredited by JCAHO

Pietro Piacquadio, CEO

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Joseph Stanilewicz

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