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Hospice and Palliative Care Infusion Services

Many infusion providers are shifting away from the palliative care market, but Avanti has stepped up to ensure patients receive the comfort and dignity they deserve. With Avanti, hospices of all sizes can accept referrals with confidence and meet emergent needs of all patients without delay.

Timely, Reliable Service
Timely, Reliable Service

  • Avanti’s hospice focus means that palliative medications are in stock and available when needed

  • Avanti’s own state-of-the-art clean room meets all current USP 797 standards for sterile compounding

Timely, Reliable Service
Palliative Care Expertise

  • Experienced pharmacists are available to advise clinicians on medication selection, dosage, titration and conversions

  • Training is available to help hospice nurses develop the skills necessary to manage infusion patients

Service Area
Avanti is licensed to provide infusion services in New York and New Jersey. Same-day delivery is available throughout southeastern New York and northern New Jersey.
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No two hospices are the same. That’s why Avanti starts with a needs and workflow assessment to develop a program that meets each hospice’s unique needs. Schedule your introductory consultation today.