The objectives of this program are to promote patient compliance, accomplish treatment goals and maximize therapeutic effects of a consistent medication regimen. Individuals that would derive the greatest benefit from this program are those with chronic disease states, taking multiple medications for prolonged periods, and/or, those having difficulty with medication compliance.

This program is geared to addressing barriers to adherence. Historical data has shown that with increased medication compliance patients’ disease states are better managed. In return, exacerbations of symptoms are minimized, hospitalization rates are reduced and treatment goals are achieved.

Medications will be dispensed directly from Avanti Health Care Pharmacy and delivered to the patient’s home or facility of choice. This pre-packaged method is a safe and effective alternative for clients with complex and challenging health conditions that require medication management. A Patient Service Representative from Avanti will monitor refills/prescription, update case managers on a regular basis, track medications compliance, and arrange deliveries.