Avanti Health Care Services will provide a duly licensed and registered supervising pharmacist who shall direct and supervise the scope of services outlined below:

  • Provide consultation on all aspects of pharmacy services at the facility.
  • Establish a system for the recording of receipts and disposition of all controlled drugs.
  • Review the medication regime of each resident at least once monthly.
  • Report irregularities to the Attending Physician and/or the Director of Nursing.
  • Develop system and processes that are consistent with pharmacy regulations and standard o care, whereby all medications are administered ONLY when ordered by a licensed physician and all medications are labeled appropriately.
  • Implement system and processes that ensure expired and unused medications are appropriately disposed of, and/or credited, per institutional policies and in accordance with State and Federal Mandates.
  • Verify that Psychotropic drugs are dispensed only when ordered by an authorized provider.
  • Handle the return of unused medications in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Ensure that “Emergency Medication Kits” are maintained according to facility policies and procedures.